The Chuck Driesell Basketball Academy offers different clinics that are great for large groups of players, teams and leagues.  If you are interested in having Coach Driesell help your group out, please contact him for more information.  Currently we have a new Fall Shooting Clinic!

Perfect timing before basketball season starts!

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Through proper drills these fundamentals are taught to each camper through a variety of coaching techniques and then incorporated into game like situations. Shots off the catch, dribble and screen are introduced and practiced each session.  The emphasis will be on proper footwork, balance and form.  Players will learn drills they can do on their own to practice and get more proficient.  The clinic will also include dribbling and passing fundamentals that are critical to becoming a skilled basketball player.

This is a great clinic to attend right before basketball season starts!

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Online registration only allows for registration of one child at a time. If you have multiple children registering for camp, please enroll and pay for each child separately.

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Additional Clinics offered throughout the year: Check back frequently for new dates

Shooting Clinic:  This clinic focuses on the fundamentals of proper shooting techniques for all types of shots.  You will develop consistency of footwork, proper release and follow through as well as understand what a good shot looks like.  If you want to take your game to the next level, you have to learn to shoot properly.  Whether you are a seasoned shooter or a beginner working on your shot is essential (TBA).

Offensive Moves:  This clinic focuses on the proper fundamentals and skills it takes to be an offensive player on the perimeter.  Learn the correct way to “get open” and effective ways to score.  Players will work on how to read the defender in order to make the right decision offensively. Through a series of drills and live action, players will leave with confidence and a better understanding about what it takes to be an offensive threat (TBA).









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